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November 24, 2018

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By Ann De Michele

Welcome back to our website!  I wanted to say congratulations to all of our Cantatu LLC Clients for the work that they have done this year.  We have made huge improvements in riding and achievements all year long!  At the Jump For the Children Horse Show( the last major horse show of 2018), all of our students won ribbons in at least one of their classes, proving that hard work and perseverance really makes a difference.  We harbor an atmosphere of camaraderie, healthy competition, and friendship.  We enjoy helping our clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be, through hard work and support.  We stand behind our horses, and look to find the perfect match for each of them.  We love our horses, so it's important that we find them the perfect home.  If you think that that home may be with you, please contact us through email, or my cell phone 703-501-0891.  Look forward to more blogs as the new show year continues!  Thank you for your time.Fer