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About Us

Cantatu is a full service show barn, with two locations, near the DC Metropolitan area.  We have two USHJA Certified Trainers on Staff, an indoor available, lights for riding outside at night, knowledgeable horsemen onsite to give your horses the best care possible, as well as an equine and human massage therapist.  We pride ourselves in letting our horses be horses, while giving them the best training possible to bring them to their full potential.  We offer training from the very beginning of starting your young horse, to reaching it's full potential.  Whether that horse wants to be a Children's hunter, a International Derby horse, a Children's Adult Jumper, or a Grand Prix Horse

What can we do for your horse?

We offer specialized training schedules for each horse, according to what that specific horse needs to be competitive.  We want our horses to be happy, because a happy horse makes a successful horse.  We offer individual and multiple horse turnout.  We make sure your horses are comfortable in their stalls and next to their neighbors.  We make sure your horses are groomed each day and their shoeing is on a regular schedule.  We schedule all vet appointments and stand with your horse at the appointments.  

What Can We Do For You?

Cantatu LLC offers training from the very first day of riding to stepping into the big ring for your Grand Prix debut.  We start our clients on absolutely lovely, sweet, school horses to give them the best opportunity to learn in a safe environment.  If a client decides to purchase their first horse, we search for the right one to let them reach their goals.  We offer knowledgeable staff that are capable of finding the best horse for each person, and have a wide variety of horses to choose from at each location.  

How can we help you sell your horse?

Cantatu LLC goes to horse shows up and down the east coast, showcasing horses, and presenting them to trainers.  Our vast contacts allow us to find the right venue to show your horse at it's best.  We've sold horses from 5k to the six figure price range, depending on their job and skill level.  We purchase horses overseas to sell within the United States at both locations, and are capable of bringing new horses in to sell on a weekly basis. Should you want to raise the value of your horse to sell, we can evaluate and train your horse to it's highest skill level to give them the best home possible.  We pride ourselves on making connections and keeping them.  It is important that the horses people purchase from us, are exactly what they want.

Horses For Sale- 

Always Laughing

16 yr old TB Mare

Ribbons through the 1.15m jumpers.

Ribbons in the High Adults.

Competed up to Training level Eventing with placings

Was used as a husband horse for several years, but husband is no longer able to devote time to ride.  She will be an excellent pony club mount for someone!

Please inquire for Price!

Canmore 2

17.2h, Imported 10 year old, Oldenburg gelding by Carenero out of Lou Moonya
Currently showing with placings in the National Standard Grand Prixs
Very simple and sweet to the fences, with a big stride and a ton of scope. The perfect horse for your child or amateur to learn how to jump up the level and be competitive. 

Please Inquire for Price!

HITS Welcome

Qi L.

Our next super star in the making is six year old registered homebred Qi L. , By Quincy Car out of Lorelei.  This brave gelding moved up to the 1.20m jumpers this year, and made it look and feel easy.  This remarkable fellow is a Grand Prix horse in the making!  Please inquire for price.

Our Trainer- About Ann DeMichele

Ann grew up around horses, and started riding at 2yrs old with her mother Judi DeMichele.  Throughout her career so far she has been in pony club, foxhunted all over Virginia, galloped racehorses for some famous trainers, and steeplechased as well as learning the art of training upper level Hunters and Grand Prix horses from the very start of their careers as riding horses.  Ann loves to start young horses, because they are a blank slate.  "You can make them exactly who they want to be."  She believes that each horse is an individual waiting for the right moment to show you how good they can be.  She believes that being a horsemen means learning all aspects of horses, and really values the care that can be provided.  

Our Virginia Location

located 35 minutes West of Washington DC, we have a large lit outdoor arena, and several fields to ride in. We frequently ship off farm to trailride, horse show, or go to another ring for more experience for horses and riders.  We have outdoor wash stalls available, a washer and dryer to clean all equine equipment, we frequently drag the ring to have good footing for the horses to work on, knowledgeable management to keep your horses happy and healthy, vets, farriers, chiropractor, equine massage therapists available for all your equine needs.

Judi DeMichele

Judi has been teaching for the last 50 years all levels of riders.  She is a USHJA Certified Trainer that has been showing on the circuit as well as training foxhunters, steeplechase horses and show horses.  She is an excellent teacher for beginners of all ages, people restarting their riding careers, as well as established riders.


Lessons at home, coaching at horse Shows, full care at Horse Shows and at Home, Training and Sales, Transportation to and from any event, arranging and standing with the farrier or vet, Schooling horses at home and at the Horse Show, arranging and advertising for your horse to be seen by professionals, making videos and taking pictures for your horse to be advertised.

Price Sheet

Full Training Board $1600/month

This includes Riding 5-6days a week as needed, stall care, feed and hay, turnout, blanket care, daily care, mane pulling, leg and whisker trimming, standing for farrier and vet, arranging farrier and vet, all maintenance in regards to the horse.

Partial Training Board $1200/month

This includes 2 to 3 days of riding per week, all stall care, turnout, blanketing, feed and hay, mane pulling, trimming, arranging and standing for the farrier or the vet, all maintenance in regards to the horse.

Lessons: Price determined by Block Payments.  Blocks of 5 or 10

Full Body Clipping $150

Shoeing: determined by farrier

Shipping determined by distance and amount of horses shipping

Horse Show Care 

Day Fees: $65/day

Groom Fees: $25/day

Show Riding For Cantatu Horses in Full Care: $40/day

Show Riding for outside Horses: $65/day

Clients pay Hotel Costs/ Meals and Transport for Ann DeMichele and a portion of Grooming Stall(s)/Hay, Grain, and Shavings Fees at the show, split between all clients.

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Please contact us for any other questions you may have.  We love to meet new people, and are happy to show you around the farms as well.  Leave a message here, or call or text at 703-501-0891.